Merit-making ceremonies mark the end of Buddhist lent

Devotees bow in prayer, bathed in candlelight, seeking blessings with faces reflecting faith and humility—a tableau of spiritual connection.

PATTAYA, Thailand – In the quiet enclave of Soi Khao Talo, the Asarama Wiwek Monk’s Retreat held a serene gathering to mark the end of Buddhist Lent known as the “Tod Kathin Samakkhi” almsgiving event. The purpose was twofold: to engage the community in almsgiving for the refurbishment of the monks’ residence and to galvanize local support in preserving the essence of the Buddhist faith.

Guiding the proceedings was the revered Phra Maha Thawil Jantasaro, whose presence lent a sacred air to the occasion. What stood out was the genuine participation of Pattaya residents and neighboring communities, creating an atmosphere steeped in shared devotion.

As the event unfolded, various communities, companies, and individuals became active contributors to the almsgiving tradition, offering an array of food items. This act of generosity extended beyond the temple grounds, as free meals found their way to the underprivileged and those who dedicated their services to the event.

The culmination of this collective effort resulted in an impressive almsgiving collection of 707,405 Baht for the year. This substantial sum now stands as a tribute to the community’s dedication, destined to play a crucial role in the ongoing support and maintenance of the monks’ residence. Through this event, the Pattaya community showcased not only their commitment to the practice of generosity and solidarity but also their deep reverence for preserving the profound tapestry of Buddhist traditions.

Guiding the ceremony with profound wisdom, revered monk Phra Maha Thawil Jantasaro, leads the congregation in prayer, instilling a sense of sacredness in the gathering.

Extending the spirit of generosity beyond the temple walls, free meals find their way to the underprivileged and dedicated event volunteers, embodying the compassionate essence of the community’s support.