Mayor touts significant progress in Pattaya’s flood prevention projects

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet addresses the city council, detailing the progress of drainage pipe installation projects that have significantly alleviated flooding issues in Pattaya.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Mayor Poramet Ngampichet announced significant progress in the city’s drainage pipe installation projects, which have notably alleviated the long-standing flooding issues affecting both residents and tourists.

“Out of more than 20 recurring flood-prone areas, over half have been effectively addressed, with more than 10 points now resolved,” Mayor Poramet stated on May 27. He explained that the primary drainage issues stem from interconnected areas such as Nongprue, including Khao Noi and Khao Talo, which are steep and cause water to flow into lower areas like Pattaya City, eventually reaching the sea.

The mayor highlighted the on-going installation of drainage pipes along the railway road for about 12 kilometres. “Approximately 4-5 kilometres of this project, particularly in North Pattaya, have already been completed, aiming to channel water into Naklua Canal. This project ensures significantly faster water drainage during heavy rainfall,” he said.

Mayor Poramet emphasized the improvements in drainage efficiency: “Areas like Nong Yai and Naklua have seen a marked improvement. Problematic areas like the Moom Aroi intersection on Pattaya 3rd Road, a key water reception point for draining towards Soi 6/1 Beach and Pacific Village, now have water pumps installed to assist with drainage.”

However, he acknowledged that some areas still face challenges during heavy rainfall. “On-going issues remain at Khao Noi, Khao Talo, certain sections along the railway road, and South Pattaya’s Sukhumvit Road,” the mayor admitted. He noted that the pipe installation project towards South Pattaya on the Huay Yai side has only recently received budget approval and has not yet commenced.

Mayor Poramet concluded on an optimistic note: “While the main areas still under construction are steadily progressing towards completion, the flood situation in Pattaya is improving. We now see significantly quicker water drainage, with water being fully drained within 45 minutes after rainfall stops.”