Pattaya councillor voices concern over stagnant Dolphin Roundabout fountain

(Top photo) The Dolphin Roundabout Fountain in full motion, a lively landmark in Pattaya. (Bottom photo)The stagnant Dolphin Roundabout Fountain, now dry and motionless, raises concerns among city officials and residents alike.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Pattaya City Councillor Ms. Jidapha Suwathaphon raised a pressing question regarding the unresolved issue of the Dolphin Roundabout fountain on North Pattaya Road. At the City Council meeting on May 29, she emphasized, “The fountain’s inactivity is concerning, as the dolphins have remained motionless and dry since I assumed office.”

Ms. Jidapha pointed out that despite the city council’s approval of the budget to replace both pumps, no action has been taken to address the issue. She sought clarification from the city administration, stating, “It’s essential to promptly fix the fountain to enhance the city’s appeal to tourists. Visitors should encounter beautiful and functioning landmarks.”

In response, Manot Nongyai, Deputy Mayor of Pattaya, explained, “The fountain had ceased operation before the current administration took office.” He clarified that the fountain’s operation involves two pumps that alternate to create motion.

Manot further elaborated, “Upon taking office, we conducted an investigation into the malfunction and identified the broken pumps as the root cause.” However, he acknowledged that the procurement process for new pumps is lengthy due to government regulations.

Assuring the council, Manot stated, “We are currently in the third quarter of the procurement process and anticipate the fountain to be operational again by the fourth quarter.” He concluded, “Once the pumps are replaced, the Dolphin Roundabout fountain will be restored, providing a beautiful and lively attraction for visitors once more.”