Man climbs tower amid domestic dispute sparks dramatic rescue

Police and rescue workers hold their breaths as they try to convince a distressed Puwadol to come down from his precarious perch 60 meters above the ground.

Pattaya, Thailand – Local authorities successfully rescued a man who had scaled a communication tower following a domestic dispute. This harrowing incident unfolded on Sept 22, in Panthong District of Chonburi, shedding light on the immense challenges individuals face during moments of emotional turmoil.

The crisis began when police received a distressing report about a man who had scaled the towering structure, prompting immediate concerns for his safety. The man, later identified as Puwadol Thongklam, a 42-year-old furniture salesman, had ascended to a perilous height of over 60 meters.

Puwadol had perched himself perched precariously on the tower, displaying signs of emotional distress and appearing to be in a trance-like state. During the intense rescue operation, a woman who identified herself as “Bee” arrived at the scene. She claimed to be Phuwadol’s partner and revealed that she had maintained contact with him by phone. Engaging in a poignant and emotional two-hour conversation with him, Bee demonstrated extraordinary patience and persuasion, ultimately convincing him to descend from the perilous height.

Following his safe descent, Puwadol, accompanied by Bee and their 2-year-old daughter, was promptly transported to Panthong Hospital for a comprehensive medical evaluation and psychological support. Preliminary inquiries unveiled a history of alcohol-related disputes between Puwadol and his partner. This particular incident had been triggered by a heated argument between the couple, leading Puwadol to embark on his desperate climb while Bee sought refuge with their child at a friend’s residence.

Authorities expressed relief that the incident concluded without harm to anyone involved. The police will conduct a thorough investigation into the matter and to ensure the ongoing well-being of Puwadol and his family.