Lovelorn manchild throws tantrum on Pattaya roof

Police watch helplessly as the stressed out Samakorn perched precariously on the rooftop of his house clutching a knife and crying.

A lovelorn man climbed on his Naklua roof with a knife, threatening to kill himself if his girlfriend didn’t reconcile.

Pattaya police responded to the Naklua Road home of the man identified only as Samakorn to find the 21-year-old crying on the roof, a 15-centimenter kitchen knife in his hand.

Samakorn’s unnamed father told police his son is a manchild who tends to sulk and overthink things. He stood outside the house with Samakorn’s mother and his 2-year-old daughter, urging him to calm down and get down.

Police talked with Samakorn for a half-hour and finally convinced him to toss the knife and return to ground level.

Samakorn said he broke up with his girlfriend and mother of his child two months ago. She left the toddler with him and refused to reconcile.

Samakorn’s dad said fatherhood was stressful for his young son.

Back safely on the ground Samakorn begs his mother for forgiveness, promising not to do something reckless like this again.