Late-night fire guts beauty salon in Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya

Firefighters put on gas protection masks before rushing into the Royal Garden Plaza to combat the blaze engulfing a beauty salon on the second floor. The fire caused thick smoke to billow from the mall, prompting a swift evacuation of the area.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A fire broke out at the Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya, on Pattaya Beach Road, at 1 a.m. on May 17. Firefighters and rescue teams quickly responded to the emergency, arriving to find large plumes of smoke billowing from the mall, causing panic among tourists enjoying the nearby beach view.

Amid the chaotic scene, authorities cordoned off the area and evacuated people from the vicinity. Firefighters identified the source of the fire on the second floor at a beauty salon, where various beauty equipment and materials were ablaze. The firefighting team managed to bring the fire under control swiftly. However, smoke lingered throughout the area, necessitating the use of ventilation equipment to clear it and restore normal conditions.

Two persons suffered from smoke inhalation and received initial medical treatment from rescue personnel. Ms. Kanokorn Karaked, a 37-year-old mall housekeeper, recounted that she was cleaning after the mall had closed when she suddenly heard a loud explosion. Sparks ignited in the beauty salon, followed by a significant amount of smoke. She quickly ran for safety and called for help.

Pattaya Police conducted an initial investigation at the scene, suspecting the fire was caused by an electrical short circuit. The estimated damage is around several hundred thousand baht. Fortunately, no severe injuries or fatalities were reported.