Korean jumps to his death from Sri Racha condominium

Rescue workers look up at the towering condominium while covering the deceased man with a cloth and cordoning off the area after the tragic discovery.

SRIRACHA, Thailand – A foreigner leaped from a Sri Racha condominium on June 19, resulting in his tragic demise. The deceased has been identified as Min Chucha, a 54-year-old South Korean man. Authorities swiftly cordoned off the vicinity to prevent public access. The rescue unit carefully retrieved the body, ensuring respect and dignity.

Mrs. Uthumporn Monmathudun, a 50-year-old housekeeper, reported hearing a loud noise akin to a transformer explosion. Concerned, a technician investigated and found Min Chucha’s lifeless form. Uthumporn, who had been the deceased’s housekeeper, suspected that work-related stress might have driven him to take his own life.

Initial police investigations point to severe stress as a possible factor in Min Chucha’s decision to jump from the condo. However, to unravel the full story, the body will undergo a thorough autopsy at Laem Chabang Hospital. Authorities also plan to contact the South Korean embassy to inform the deceased’s relatives and friends, seeking further insights into the exact cause of this tragic incident.