Distressed mother alleges sexual assault by painter in Sattahip

Mrs. Kai and her 12-year-old daughter give their statement to Sattahip police seeking justice after the alleged sexual assault by a painter.

SATTAHIP, Thailand – A harrowing incident has come to light as a distressed mother filed a report with Sattahip police, alleging that a painter lured her 12-year-old daughter to a resort and sexually assaulted her. The accused, identified as Mr. A, a 38-year-old painter, is now facing serious charges.

According to Mrs. Kai (alias), a 27-year-old mother, the incidents occurred a few months ago. Mr. A, a known acquaintance, deceived her daughter by claiming he would take her to buy paint. Instead, he drove her to a secluded resort in Sattahip District. There, he forced her into a room and subjected her to sexual assault. Terrified, the girl remained silent after Mr. A threatened her not to disclose the incident.

Mrs. Kai discovered the assaults and promptly brought her daughter to give a statement to Pol. Lt. Col. Thammanchit Sittisart on June 15. The victim alleges that Mr. A raped her three times. Shockingly, upon learning of the report, Mr. A attempted to avoid legal consequences by seeking mediation through elders. He proposed marriage and even offered money, despite already having a wife. However, the mother steadfastly refused, determined to ensure justice for her daughter and prevent further abuse.

Statements from both the mother and daughter have been recorded, and the victim underwent a medical examination to document evidence of the assault. The next crucial steps involve visiting the crime scene for further evidence and coordinating with a multidisciplinary team. The victim will be interviewed at the prosecutor’s office, and the accused painter, Mr. A, will be summoned to face charges according to legal procedures.