Koh Larn road gets speed bumps after pedestrians hit

Workers build a speed bump on a narrow alley on Koh Larn to slow down motorbikes that race through them at breakneck speed.

Pattaya installed speed bumps on Koh Larn’s Front Pier narrow streets after speeding motorbikes hit pedestrians.

City Councilman Dilok Thongnak observed as workers laid speed bumps on the narrow alleys following numerous accidents in recent months.

Street workers also patched potholes at the Makham T-junction in front of Mai Samran Temple.

Front Pier Road was busy over the weekend with Chinese New Year tourists and Pattaya had decorated the street with colorful Chinese lanterns for the occasion.

A motorbike passes over the newly built road bump built across many small alleys to deter them from speeding and hitting pedestrians.


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