Pattaya residents irked by non-action to clean up hazardous hanging cables

A resident of Soi Mab Yai Lia 28 in East Pattaya points to one of the utility poles with a labyrinth of cables entwined on it, posing a threat to life and limb of residents and passing motorcyclists.

Residents of Soi Mab Yai Lia 28, Nongprue in East Pattaya (Soi Nern Plub Wan) are fuming at the non-action by the municipality to clean up dead and messy cables and live wires hanging precariously from the hundreds of utility poles in the neighnourhood.

A resident of the community holding her baby son angrily complained to the press about the life-threatening dangers these wires can cause to adults and children alike. She said that there is a market nearby and hundreds of shoppers ride their motorbikes through the intersection, sig-zagging to avoid getting entangled in them.

She again asked the powers that be to do something urgently about the hazard before someone could get badly hurt of even lose their lives.


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