Jomtien beach plagued by raucous all-night parties, urination and vendor anarchy

Thai and foreign men and women engage in alcohol-fuelled revelry on Jomtien beach with loud music, creating an unwelcome routine extending from evening to early morning every day.

Jomtien Beach in Pattaya, celebrated for its tranquil coastal beauty, faces a growing challenge jeopardizing its serenity. On Oct 19, concerns escalated as both local and international visitors reported disruptive beach parties persisting into the early morning.

At sunrise, the usual sounds of waves and birdsong were replaced by the noise of rowdy gatherings. Complaints detailed young people on the beachfront engaging in alcohol-fueled revelry with loud music, creating an unwelcome routine extending from evening to early morning. The distressing situation includes participants openly urinating in public, disregarding fellow tourists and beachgoers seeking a peaceful experience by the shore.

Thai and foreign tourists, anticipating a serene morning at Jomtien Beach, now encounter disruptions from intoxicated individuals and raucous gatherings. Adding to the issue, beachside vendors exacerbate the disturbance by renting Bluetooth speakers and offering chair rental services. Some vendors openly sell alcoholic beverages, apparently avoiding law enforcement intervention.

Unlike nearby Bangsaen Beach, where authorities proactively deter gatherings and alcohol consumption, Jomtien Beach has become a hub for unruly parties. Law enforcement at Jomtien Beach typically responds reactively to specific complaints, leading to frustration among beachgoers. Concerns are mounting among local residents and tourists that these disturbances may escalate into criminal activities. Calls for increased police presence and stricter regulations echo through the community to preserve Jomtien Beach’s peaceful and safe reputation.

A Pattaya beach security officer walks by a gathering of rowdy all night revellers (top) while an intoxicated man openly urinates on the beach, disregarding fellow tourists and beachgoers (bottom).