Joint amphibious exercise marks start of Cobra Gold 2024

Deputy Commander Captain Poonlarp Thattathongkham leads the ceremonial reception for Captain Michel C. Brandt of the USS Somerset, highlighting the bilateral cooperation between Thai and U.S. naval forces.

SATTAHIP, Thailand – The Amphibious and Support Services, in a demonstration of combined naval prowess, spearheaded a joint amphibious exercise as part of Exercise Cobra Gold 2024 on Friday, February 23. Central to the event was the welcoming ceremony extended to the USS Somerset, a United States vessel led by Captain Michel C. Brandt, as it joined the collaborative training effort.

The enduring partnership between Thailand and the United States, particularly in military cooperation, took center stage during the exercise. With a history of robust collaboration across various military domains, the joint exercises, exemplified by Cobra Gold, serve as a cornerstone for enhancing interoperability and fortifying the ties between the armed forces of both nations.

Marking the 43rd edition of collaborative training, the recent exercise witnessed a ceremonious reception led by Captain Poonlarp Thattathongkham, Deputy Commander of the Amphibious and Support Services, and Commander of the Amphibious Task Force for Exercise Cobra Gold 24. The welcome unfolded against the picturesque backdrop of the Juk Samet Port in Sattahip, Chonburi Province, setting the stage for a dynamic display of naval cooperation.

The joint amphibious exercise underscored the unwavering commitment of Thai and U.S. naval forces to mutual cooperation, knowledge exchange, and the bolstering of maritime capabilities. With military leaders and personnel from both nations standing shoulder to shoulder, the event showcased a steadfast dedication to collaborative efforts aimed at fostering regional security and stability.

1. Thai and U.S. naval officials exchange gifts as Captain Michel C. Brandt takes Captain Poonlarp Thattathongkham and Thai naval officers on a guided tour of the USS Somerset, marking the commencement of Exercise Cobra Gold 2024.