Dramatic rescue unfolds as woman plunges off Bali Hai Pier

A Good Samaritan swims alongside the distressed woman after she jumped off the Bali Hai Pier, while rescue workers attempt to coax her back to safety.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Tension gripped the Bali Hai Pier bridge on the evening of February 22 when a woman plunged into the sea. Concerned citizens swiftly alerted authorities, prompting a rapid response to the scene.

A courageous Samaritan leaped into the sea in a bid to aid the distressed woman. Despite the heroic efforts, the woman, identified as 33-year-old Buakaew, adamantly refused assistance and resisted cooperation. The brave rescuer stayed with Buakaew in the water until the arrival of the maritime rescue team.

Officers encountered Buakaew, desperately struggling to stay afloat in the turbulent waters below. Despite concerted efforts to coax her back onto the bridge, Buakaew remained defiant and unwilling to return to safety.

After her eventual retrieval from the water, Buakaew exhibited signs of distress and shock, remaining unresponsive to inquiries from authorities. Concerned for her well-being, authorities made the decision to transport her to Pattaya Police Station for further evaluation and mental health assessment, aiming to provide the necessary support and assistance.