Jealous man stabs ex-girlfriend, new lover

Paramedics tend to Tipaporn Seeayu who was stabbed in the stomach by her jealous ex-boyfriend. She was rushed to a local hospital.

A jealous boyfriend was arrested for stabbing his ex-girlfriend and her new man.
Pattanayu Sumotyakul, 22, was held March 22 for the attack on 39-year-old Tipaporn Seeayu and her unidentified lover at his apartment in Don Huapor, Chonburi.

Tipaporn was stabbed in the stomach. She was rushed to a local hospital in serious condition. The man who came to her defense was stabbed in the left shoulder.

Police said Pattanayu confessed, saying he and the older woman were together for two years before she broke up with him this week. He didn’t want the relationship to end and followed her to her new lover’s apartment.

He broke in and found him naked and then got angry, grabbed a fruit knife and attacked them, police said.