Indian recovers gold stolen by Pattaya streetwalkers

A dejected Nitin Mukund Puronit reports the robbery of his gold chain (inset) by four transgender prostitutes on Pattaya Beach. Lucky for him the thieves dropped it which was picked up by an honest passerby.

An Indian tourist narrowly escaped having his pricey gold necklace stolen after a gang of four thieves fumbled the booty.

Nitin Mukund Puronit, 43, reported to police Nov. 19 that he was set upon by a group of four transgender prostitutes on Pattaya Beach at Soi 13/2. One hugged him and two grabbed his hands as the fourth removed the chain, worth 285,000 baht.

But during the scuffle that ensued from Puronit pushing off the offenders, one of the thieves dropped the chain and they fled.

Pongdanai Kotabud, 29, noticed Puronit looking around for something and spotted the gold lying. He picked it up and brought it to the Pattaya Police Station where gold and owner were reunited.

Police warned the Indian tourist not to walk around Pattaya flashing gold worth three years’ salary to minimum-wage Thais.


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