Husband flees after brutally attacking wife with knife in Sattahip

Phatcharanan Daengngam, endured severe injuries to her head and arms inflicted by a large garden knife wielded by her estranged husband, who fled the scene following the brutal attack.

SATTAHIP, Thailand – A disgruntled husband brutally attacked his wife with a knife, leaving her with severe injuries. The violent domestic incident occurred at in the Taweesuk Village in Sattahip district on April 20. The victim, identified as 41-year-old Phatcharanan Daengngam, suffered extensive wounds on her head and arms, inflicted by a large garden knife.

According to relatives of the victim, the assailant responsible for the vicious attack was none other than Daengngam’s husband. They told police that as of late, the couple had been grappling with relationship issues, but matters escalated dramatically when, upon his returning home, Daengngam confronted her husband about suspicions of infidelity. The argument ultimately culminated in the brutal assault.

Police confiscated the large garden knife used in the attack as crucial evidence for further investigation. However, the husband managed to flee the scene without leaving any trace behind. Police are conducting an investigation to apprehend the perpetrator and initiate legal proceedings.