Sattahip police thwart suicide attempt; saves man in distress

A compassionate policeman consoles Saman, offering him words of hope and support during his moment of despair, assuring him that help is available and that he is not alone in facing his struggles.

SATTAHIP, Thailand – On the night of April 10, Sattahip police responded swiftly to a distressing report of a potential suicide attempt. Rushing to a single-story concrete house, officers found a middle-aged man with a rope tied around his neck, indicating his intent to end his life. Acting quickly, they cut the rope, saving his life, and subdued him to prevent further harm.

The man identified as Saman, 49, had been grappling with significant stress stemming from family issues and debts, leading him to contemplate suicide. Investigations into the incident revealed the depth of Saman’s struggles and the severity of his mental anguish.

Expressing relief at their timely intervention, police managed to calm the distraught man and bring the situation under control at the Sattahip Police Station. Their swift actions prevented a potentially devastating outcome, offering hope and support to Saman during his moment of despair.