Herd of buffaloes poses serious danger near U-Tapao airport

A large herd of buffaloes obstructs the road near Kilometer 10 on Sukhumvit Road, leading to U-Tapao International Airport, causing significant traffic disruptions and raising public safety concerns.

PATTAYA, Thailand – On June 15, a large herd of buffaloes was seen obstructing the road to U-Tapao International Airport near Kilometre 10 towards Juk Samet Pier off Sukhumvit Road, causing traffic disruptions and raising public safety concerns.

A motorist commented, “The buffaloes on a busy roadway pose a considerable risk to motorists. Their large size and unpredictable behaviour increased the likelihood of severe accidents, particularly during peak traffic hours.” He observed that previous sightings of this herd near the U-Tapao Railway Station and incidents at a traffic light intersection in front of a naval camp underscored the recurring threat.

“The buffaloes can cause severe accidents. Imagine driving at night and suddenly coming across a herd on the highway – it’s a disaster waiting to happen,” commented a local resident.

Traffic was rerouted, and police were on-site to manage the situation and ensure safety. The community is calling for more proactive measures, including better livestock containment and stricter animal control enforcement, to protect both the animals and the public from recurring dangers.