German tourist assaulted and molested by motorbike taxi in Phuket

A German tourist files a complaint at the Phuket Police Station, recounting the harrowing incident of assault and molestation by a motorbike taxi driver near the Chartered Bank intersection on Phang-Nga – Thepkrasattri Road.

PHUKET, Thailand – A 37-year-old German female tourist reported being assaulted and molested while riding a motorcycle taxi in the early hours of February 26, sparking shock and outrage in the tourist community in Phuket.

The victim, whose identity remains protected, bravely alerted authorities at Patong Police Station at approximately 4:26 a.m. She had been exploring the Old Town area of Phuket City before seeking a ride back to her hotel around 12:45 a.m. The distressing incident unfolded when she hailed a motorcycle taxi in the area.

During the journey, the driver allegedly subjected the passenger to unwanted advances, including kissing her on the cheek, touching her genitals, and forcibly attempting to involve her in inappropriate acts. Fearing for her safety, the victim took drastic action by jumping off the motorcycle, sustaining injuries in the process.

A vigilant Good Samaritan passing by intervened and provided assistance to the distressed tourist, ensuring her safe return to the hotel. Subsequently, officials from the tourist police division visited the victim at her accommodation before escorting her to the police station to formally file a complaint in the early hours of the morning.

The investigation has launched into high gear, with authorities meticulously analyzing CCTV footage near the Chartered Bank intersection on Phang-Nga – Thepkrasattri Road, where the incident occurred. Additionally, efforts are underway to reach out to potential witnesses in hopes of gathering crucial information to aid the investigation.

The suspect, identified as the motorcycle taxi driver, reportedly fled the scene following the assault. However, authorities are actively pursuing leads, including tracing the phone number used by the driver to inquire about the hotel’s address. The victim has urged swift action to apprehend the perpetrator, emphasizing the importance of bringing him to justice.

In response to the incident, Phuket police have pledged their commitment to hunt down the offensive motorbike-taxi driver and ensure that he faces the full force of the law. As the investigation unfolds, the safety and well-being of tourists remain paramount, with authorities reaffirming their dedication to maintaining a secure environment for all visitors to Phuket.