German shoots self, misses in failed Pattaya suicide

Jonas Wolfgang Dietrich is transported to the Pattaya City Hospital after surviving a suicide bid when the bullet he fired at himself did not penetrate his abdomen.

A German suffered a minor gunshot wound when his suicide attempt went awry.
Jonas Wolfgang Dietrich, 82, was unconscious with a gunpowder burn on the left side of his chest, but the bullet glanced off him and did not penetrate his abdomen. He was transported from his home in east Pattaya to Pattaya City Hospital.

Police recovered a Ruger .357 handgun loaded with .38-caliber bullets.
Mrs. La-ong Nichol, 59, said no one saw what happened but the German had been saying goodbye to people around him for a while, saying he didn’t expect to see them much longer.
Dietrich reportedly suffered from serious medical problems.

Pattaya police look at the Ruger .357 handgun on the floor with which the German attempted to take his own life.