Frustrated man arrested for firing shots into the sea at Jomtien beach

Police detain a frustrated Thotchaphon Onwong, after he fired multiple shots from his 9mm handgun into the sea at Jomtien Beach.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Pattaya police swiftly arrested a Bolt taxi-driver after he discharged multiple rounds from his 9mm handgun into the sea at Jomtien Beach on April 25. The suspect, identified as Thotchaphon Onwong, 29, was confronted by Phornchai Sang-iad, the Permanent-Secretary of Banglamung District, who happened to be in the vicinity and heard the shots. With the assistance of law enforcement officers, Sang-iad intervened and detained Thotchaphon, discovering the handgun, a holster, and 21 rounds of ammunition in his possession.

During interrogation, Thotchaphon confessed to owning the HS-9 pistol and admitted to bringing it to the beach for recreational shooting. He further disclosed possession of additional firearms but maintained that he had brought only one to discharge into the sea as a means of venting his frustrations.

Pattaya police have launched a comprehensive investigation into the incident to ascertain any potential threats or criminal activities associated with Thotchaphon’s possession and use of the firearm. The authorities assure the public that they are committed to ensuring the safety and security of residents and visitors in Pattaya and are taking all necessary measures to address the situation.