Filipina assaulted and robbed near Chaknok Reservoir east Pattaya

The Filipina tourist (2nd left) communicates with police through a translator, describing her encounter with the suspect, who offered to escort her to her accommodation but instead led her to a deserted area, attempting to rape her.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A Filipino tourist fell victim to a robbery and assault along the outskirts of Chaknok Reservoir, in Huay Yai sub-district, east of Pattaya. Fortunately, a villager heard her cries for help and rushed to her rescue.

Uthit Khroking, 37, a fisherman residing in the village, recounted the events of April 2. He said that while setting up a fish trap near the reservoir in the early hours of the morning, he heard the woman’s distress calls. Acting swiftly, he intervened and managed to fend off the assailant, causing him to flee the scene.

According to the victim, who communicated with the police through a translator, she encountered a tall, dark-skinned man wearing a black shirt and shorts. The suspect had initially offered to escort her back to her accommodation, but instead, he led her to a deserted location where he grabbed her iPhone and attempted to rape her. The situation escalated into a physical assault, but fortunately, the victim had a pocket knife which she used to defend herself. The arrival of Uthit further prompted the criminal to flee, albeit with the stolen phone.

Police investigators were promptly dispatched to the scene to gather evidence and review CCTV footage. Despite the traumatic experience, the victim sustained minor injuries on her right hand and scratches on her body.