Fatal collision near Pattaya leaves two dead, 5 tourists injured

Paramedics rush to aid Indonesian tourists after minivan collision with six-wheeler truck on Highway 7 bound for Pattaya.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A tragic accident occurred on Motorway No. 7 near Pattaya when a minibus collided with the rear end of a six-wheeler truck, resulting in two fatalities and multiple injuries. The incident, which took place on March 4 at kilometre marker 115 on the inbound side to Pattaya, near Nong Pla Lai, Bang Lamung District, left a devastating scene.

The overturned truck belonging to Bangsaen Technical College and driven by Somsuan Wongnangrong, 56, claimed the lives of two brothers, Somchai Ongat and Supachai Ongat, both employed by the college. Their bodies were tragically crushed under the weight of the truck, with body parts scattered along the road.

Emergency responders, led by the Pattaya City Rescue Team, swiftly arrived at the scene to assess and manage the situation. A Toyota minivan with its front end smashed was found parked 200 metres behind the overturned truck. Five Indonesian passengers and the 20-year-old driver sustained various levels of injuries.

Rescue workers stand over the bodies of the two brothers crushed to death after their truck was hit by a minivan and flipped over on Highway 7 bound for Pattaya.

Thanawat Apipolpakasit, the minibus driver, recounted picking up five tourists from Bangkok en route to Pattaya. He expressed difficulty recalling the circumstances leading to the accident and was initially unaware of the collision. After regaining his senses, he realized the gravity of the situation, prompting him to contact emergency responders for assistance.

Somsuan Wannarong, the six-wheel truck driver, reported being unaware of the accident details, only feeling an impact to the rear of his truck while driving at a speed of 80-90 kilometres per hour. He expressed shock upon discovering the deceased brothers under the wreckage.

The resulting wreckage caused a 5-kilometer traffic jam, with debris from the steel framework used for erecting tents strewn across the highway. Authorities expedited clearing efforts to restore normal traffic conditions. An investigation is currently underway, utilizing footage from surveillance cameras on the road and the minibus, to determine the cause of the accident and ensure accountability for this tragic incident.