Exploding fireworks cause sleepless nights on Jomtien Beach

Late night revelers fire off fireworks into the tranquil night on Jomtien beach causing noise pollution and sleepless nights for both residents and tourists.

Tourists visiting Pattaya and seeking relaxation along the Jomtien Beach have voiced their grievances regarding incessant fireworks explosions that disturb the tranquility of the area throughout the night. Hotel operators, tourists, and local residents in the vicinity have all been adversely affected by the loud noise, resulting in sleepless nights and growing frustration.

Our team of reporters conducted an on-site inspection of Jomtien Beach, a region falling under the jurisdiction of Pattaya City and Na Jomtien Municipality. The findings of our investigation unveiled a concerning trend where street vendors were actively engaging in the sale of fireworks to revelers during the late hours of the night.

Residents, who have become increasingly exasperated by the persistent disturbances, have filed numerous complaints with the relevant authorities regarding the unauthorized sale and detonation of fireworks. Despite the mounting complaints, there has been a conspicuous absence of law enforcement personnel conducting inspections or taking decisive action to address the issue.

The Jomtien community is again calling on the relevant authorities to intervene urgently and implement necessary measures to alleviate the situation. Both tourists and local residents fervently hope for a resolution that will enable them to enjoy peaceful nights along Jomtien Beach.