Ex-husband arrested for acid attack on Pattaya caddy

Pavena Foundation for Children and Women President Pavena Hongsakula escorts the 31-year-old caddy to listen to the criminal proceedings public statement.

A jealous ex-husband and a teenager were arrested for allegedly throwing acid in the face of a Pattaya golf caddy.

Nongprue police chief Pol. Col. Damrong Eimpairoj and former Social Welfare Minister Pavena Hongsakula, now head of the Pavena Foundation for Children and Women, on Feb. 3, announced the arrests of Nattapong Palayiem, 38, and Thitikorn Jandee, 19.

Their apprehension came two weeks after Paveena brought the unnamed 31-year-old woman to urge Nongprue police to reassert themselves and solve the three-month-old crime.

On Sept. 22, the caddy got a call about a loan and went to give documents to two men outside Pong School on Soi Huay Yai Muk off Highway 36. After handing over the papers to a man alleged to be Thitikorn, the other – her disguised ex-husband Nattapong – allegedly threw a cup of acid mixed with water in her face.

The two suspects, ex-husband Nattapong Palayiem and Thitikorn Jandee have been arrested for the assault.

She went home and showered but then checked into Chonburi Hospital, where she stayed for the next three months.

During that time, police questioned her just one time, and nothing was done to identify or bring the men to justice.

Pol. Col. Damron said that Nattapong set up a fake Facebook account and then befriended his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, sending him a message that he could offer her a loan. He then messaged the boyfriend to make an appointment to meet her and obtain the required documents.

Police said Nattapong’s aim was to frame the boyfriend for the acid attack, an attempt that failed miserably.

Nattapong said he was jealous of the new man and reportedly told police he had tried to make up with his ex-wife, but she spurned his apology and began a relationship with a new man. So he decided to attack her with acid instead, getting Thitikorn to help him.

Nattapong then ratted out the teenager to police.

The suspects are brought out to reenact the crime.

The victim exposes her hand, showing some of the damage that was also on her face.