Enraged husband attacks unfaithful wife on Valentine’s Day

Neighbours rush to assist Wanpen after her enraged husband threw a glass photo frame at her, injuring her legs, upon discovering another man in their bed.

CHONBURI, Thailand – Valentine’s Day took a tragic turn for a couple at a salon in Don Hua Lo Sub-district, Chonburi, where Wanpen, 31, was found injured, with deep cuts on both legs causing severe bleeding and shock.

Suchat, an eyewitness described the distressing scene. He said, he heard cries for help while delivering a parcel and found Wanpen trying to flee the salon with visible wounds. He helped her and quickly called for help. Wanpen received immediate help from rescue workers and was rushed to the hospital.

The alleged attacker, Kung, 56, claimed he returned home worried about his 4-year-old child but found a troubling situation. Kung saw another man downstairs and one in bed with his partner. In anger, he threw a glass photo-frame at Wanpen but denied using a knife. He insisted that if he had found anything else in the heat of the moment, he might have used it to harm her.