Mysterious death at Pattaya seafood restaurant

Forensic police inspect the vehicle where a tragic discovery was made – the body of a man who met his untimely demise overnight.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A shocking discovery was made at a seafood restaurant parking lot along Pattaya Third Road on February 11. The lifeless body of Nattawut Srikong, 32, was found inside a Honda CR-V, with the driver’s side window left ajar.

Pattaya Police received the report from Anupong Saisong, a 36-year-old restaurant staff member who found the body. Saisong noticed the parked car with its air conditioning running around 9 a.m. By 10 a.m., the vehicle had not moved, which was not unusual given the regular occurrence of such situations in the parking area. It was only during the late afternoon when the parking space needed clearing for customers that he approached the vehicle and discovered the lifeless body with the tongue sticking out.

Security personnel responsible for overseeing the parking lot shared that the deceased, along with a group of friends, had arrived the previous night. They helped carry the heavily intoxicated individual out of a nearby entertainment venue at 3 a.m. The group then placed their inebriated friend in the car, as they started the engine and turned on the air conditioner before leaving.

No signs of foul play were initially evident upon inspection. Forensic personnel were to thoroughly examine the scene while the investigators plan to review CCTV footage to conclusively determine the cause of the late night reveller’s untimely death.