Eerie discoveries at illegal dumping site in East Pattaya forest

Abandoned shrines, shrouded in mystery, offer a glimpse into the eerie rituals rumoured to haunt the Huay Yai forest.

PATTAYA, Thailand – An elderly resident of Chak Nok reservoir in Huay Yai district in East Pattaya led a team of reporters to investigate an area in the local forest, where they discovered a network of makeshift roads leading to a dumping ground filled with garbage, organic waste, and construction materials. The media team had to cover their noses as the air was tainted with noxious fumes, evidence of the rampant illegal dumping plaguing the area.

During their inspection on April 21, the reporters encountered two men transporting wood debris to the dumping zone, claiming it came from a nearby housing development project. Local residents shared unsettling stories of nocturnal encounters in the area. Mysterious makeshift shrines, some intact while others vandalized, dotted the landscape, suggesting enigmatic rituals or beliefs. A recently erected shack stood ominously, rumoured to host clandestine activities by groups of teenagers during the night.

With help from the press, residents have petitioned the local authorities to inspect the area, initiate cleanup efforts, and restore safety and cleanliness.

The once pristine landscape now bears the scars of neglect, as heaps of refuse choke the forest, painting a haunting picture of environmental degradation.

Amidst the refuse, an erected shack looms, rumoured to harbour clandestine activities by nocturnal visitors, casting a chilling aura over the illegal dumping site in the Huay Yai forest.