East Pattaya garbage dumper caught red-handed, fined 2,000 baht

Nongprue municipality officers apprehend a lawbreaker as he dumps construction garbage in a restricted area in east Pattaya. He was fined 2000 baht.

Pattaya, Thailand – Nongprue Municipality in east Pattaya is taking resolute action to address the persistent problem of illegal garbage dumping, which has been negatively impacting public cleanliness. Their proactive measures included the thorough cleaning of designated areas to ensure the overall tidiness of public spaces. During these operations on Sept 18, one person was caught in the act of illegally disposing of construction debris in a public area. As a consequence, this individual faced a 2,000 baht fine for the offense.

Mayor Winai Inphitak of Nongprue Municipality has demonstrated a strong commitment to preserving public cleanliness and enforcing municipal regulations. Municipal officers were assigned the responsibility of inspecting various areas within the municipality to identify and apprehend individuals engaged in the unlawful dumping of garbage. This violation is explicitly prohibited by Section 32 of the law, carrying a fine of up to 2,000 Thai Baht, as stipulated in Section 54.

Furthermore, Mayor Winai has emphasized the crucial role of public education in promoting adherence to the Cleanliness and Orderliness Act, which is designed to uphold cleanliness and orderliness in urban areas. This initiative is of paramount importance as the municipal budget is significantly impacted by the necessity of periodic garbage removal. Additionally, it requires both manpower and heavy equipment to restore these areas to their original state.

In addition to their daytime efforts, municipal officers conduct nighttime patrols to monitor and apprehend those involved in illegal dumping. This practice helps reduce unnecessary expenditures on cleanup operations. Thus, the campaign to discourage illegal dumping in public areas not only benefits the municipality but also fosters community engagement in environmental preservation within Nongprue Municipality. Residents are strongly encouraged to report any instances of illegal dumping by calling 038-249043, as their cooperation plays a vital role in maintaining a clean and orderly environment for everyone.