Stray dogs and deteriorating road upset east Pattaya residents

Yaowana Kerdrae, said the residents are scared of the growing population of aggressive stray dogs that pose a threat to motorcyclists and pedestrians along the road.

Pattaya, Thailand – Residents of the Pattaya Wadee 2 Village, in Soi Lublae in east Pattaya have been grappling with two persistent issues that have plagued the community for quite some time. The problems include an increasing population of aggressive stray dogs and the deteriorating condition of the main road.

Yaowana Kerdrae, a resident of the village, expressed her concerns about the substantial population of aggressive stray dogs in the area. These dogs posed a significant threat, frequently chasing motorcyclists and pedestrians along the road. Even motorcyclists traveling at high speeds found themselves in accidents due to these relentless strays. However, there seemed to be no one taking responsibility for these untamed animals, leaving residents to deal with the situation themselves.

Deputy Mayor Wanchai Saenngam acknowledged that this was an ongoing issue in Nongprue and reassured the residents that the municipality was actively working on establishing a facility to house and care for these troublesome stray dogs. The facility, located at Khao Din, is currently in the implementation stage and has a budget of 3 million baht. Once operational, it will serve as a safe haven for the stray dogs. However, the program has faced delays due to the lack of a veterinary team, which previously handled such matters. The municipality is now eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new veterinarian to commence these operations.

Another pressing concern for the community was the deteriorating road located in front of the village. Villagers complained that the road, with its numerous sharp curves, had witnessed numerous accidents over time. Residents had previously submitted petitions to the Nongprue Municipality, emphasizing the road’s degradation as a primary cause of these accidents. Unfortunately, their pleas had gone unanswered, with no action taken by municipal authorities.

Wanchai assured residents that the municipality was planning to initiate preliminary road repairs by the end of September. This proactive step aims to restore road safety, ensuring that residents can navigate their surroundings securely.

Deputy Mayor Wanchai Saenngam assured the residents that a facility to house and care for strays is being built and that the municipality will start repairing the road this month.