Dutch Ambassador visits ASEAN Education Center, highlighting protection for vulnerable children

Ambassador van Wijngaarden enjoys teaching English to the children in one of the classes at the ASEAN Education Center.

PATTAYA, Thailand – H.E. Remco Johannes van Wijngaarden, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Thailand, paid a significant visit to the ASEAN Education Center at the HHN Foundation for Thai Children in Central Pattaya. The Ambassador, accompanied by a delegation, was warmly received by Ms. Ratchada Chomjinda, the Foundation’s Director, and Mr. Siromes Akharapongpanich, Deputy Director.

The May 15 visit was attended by key figures including Mr. Pirun Noi-Imjai, Manager of the ASEAN Education Center, Dr. Otmar Deter and Dr. Margaret Deter, founders of the Rotary E-Club Dolphin Pattaya International, representatives from the Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard, members of the Dutch community in Pattaya, foundation staff, and children.

Mr. Siromes Akharapongpanich guides Ambassador van Wijngaarden through the foundation’s educational facilities and programs.

After the formal welcome, children from the ASEAN Education Center performed two dance routines, showcasing their talents and cultural heritage. Following the performances, Mr. Siromes Akharapongpanich guided Ambassador van Wijngaarden on a tour of the foundation’s educational programs.

Siromes said, “These programs are crucial in reducing social inequality and preventing various forms of child exploitation, including forced begging, homelessness, and abuse. They also aim to provide educational opportunities for migrant children, ensuring they receive the basic education rights to which all children are entitled.”

Ambassador van Wijngaarden receives a warm welcome from directors and staff of the ASEAN Learning Center, including members of Rotary clubs in Pattaya, as children wave Dutch and Thai flags.

Ambassador van Wijngaarden expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and praised the foundation’s vital work. “The dedication and impact of the HHN Foundation are truly inspiring,” he said. He committed to exploring ways to support and enhance the foundation’s efforts to address the needs of disadvantaged children.

The HHN Foundation for Thai Children continues to play a crucial role in protecting and educating vulnerable children in the region, striving to create a safer and more equitable society.

Siromes Akharapongpanich guides Ambassador van Wijngaarden on a tour of the foundation’s educational faculties, accompanied by Pirun Noi-Imjai, Dr. Otmar Deter and Dr. Margaret Deter, members of the Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard and the Dutch community.

Ms. Ratchada Chomjinda spoke about the HHN Foundation’s mission, saying, “HHN works with children who have been assaulted and abused, particularly girls who have suffered physically and sexually. Human Help Network was founded in 1990 to help unfortunate children worldwide and has been fighting for children for more than 30 years. In Thailand, we founded the Child Protection and Development Center in Pattaya as an important channel to fight against childhood violence and human trafficking.”

Ambassador van Wijngaarden’s visit not only highlighted the ongoing efforts of the HHN Foundation but also underscored the importance of international collaboration in addressing and alleviating the challenges faced by vulnerable children in the region.