Drunken Russian motorcyclist causes carnage on Pattaya Third Road

Paramedics treat the injured at the scene of the accident after a drunken Russian motor biker rammed into their parked bikes at a traffic light on Pattaya Third Road.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A drunken Russian motorcyclist crashed into parked bikes at a traffic light on Pattaya Third Road, resulting in multiple injuries and a scene of chaos.

The aftermath of the November 3 traffic melee revealed significant damage to a black and grey Honda Wave, lying on its side, with its driver, Santichai Limtrakul, 32, sustaining injuries, including fractures to his left leg. Another motorcycle, a green Honda MSX, was also damaged, injuring its driver, Miss Supaporn Kongcharoen, 26, and a foreign passenger, both requiring immediate medical attention and transported to nearby hospitals for further treatment.

Santichai recounted that the accident occurred as he and his companion waited at a junction. With no oncoming traffic, he decided to proceed, but at that moment, the intoxicated foreign motorcyclist unexpectedly rammed into his and Miss Supaporn’s bikes sending everyone flying to the ground resulting in injuries.
Police officers, suspecting the Russian biker to be drunk, tried to conduct an alcohol test on the foreign driver. However, he refused to cooperate and refused to provide a breath sample. As a result, the driver was detained for further investigation, which will continue the following day.