Warning signs erected after Jomtien Beach drops 1.5 meters into the sea

Tourists stand near perilously close to the 1.5-meter deep erosion on Jomtien beach where strong winds and waves have caused significant damage on June 10.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The Pattaya Marine Department and Na Jomtien Municipality have launched an extensive effort to combat severe erosion along a 1,000-meter stretch of Jomtien Beach, opposite Poo Pen Restaurant. Heavy machinery is being used to reshape the beach, addressing the perilous 1.5-meter slope caused by monsoon waves and redistributing the sand to mitigate the danger.

As of June 19, Na Jomtien Municipality erected warning signs along a 100-meter section of the beach. These signs are intended to caution tourists and locals to avoid the erosion-affected areas, aiming to prevent accidents and ensure public safety during the restoration period. The warnings are presented in Thai, English, and Chinese and are affixed to metal barricades to secure the hazardous zones.

Workers use heavy machinery to redistribute sand along the eroded 1,000-meter stretch where multi lingual warning signs have been erected to alert beachgoers of hazardous areas.

Officials are currently focusing on levelling the steep 1.5-meter slope over a 400-meter stretch of the beach. The efforts are part of a broader strategy to restore and stabilize the beachfront, safeguarding both lives and property from further erosion-related risks.

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