Distraught woman rescued from Pattaya Walking Street signboard

Rescuers were finally able to loop a rope around the distraught woman who was sitting precariously on a sign board 3 floors above the ground, and brought her safely down to the ground.

A distraught woman was rescued from a signboard at the southern end of Walking Street.

It’s unknown why Wareena Kiewluksana, 39, climbed up on the sign near the Motta Tailors, threatening to jump. Police said she had been a patient at Sri Thanya psychiatric hospital.

Pattaya security officers and Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation volunteers tried to talk her down, but she could not be placated. Volunteers who climbed onto the sign from the tailor shop’s third floor then managed to loop a safety rope around her and coaxed her down.

Rescuer workers hold makeshift safety mats ready to catch the woman in case she fell or decided to jump.

Tourists held their breaths as they watched the exciting real-life episode unfold right before their very eyes.

Police surround Wareena Kiewluksana as she sits calmly after having been rescued from her perch on the sign board high above Walking Street.