Pattaya hotels see strong bookings for Labor Day weekend

Thanet Supornsahatrangsi MD of the Sunshine Group said that during the low season his main target is Thai, Indian and other Asians tourists.

Pattaya’s hotels reported strong bookings for Labor Day weekend.
Thanet Supornsahatrangsi, MD of the Sunshine Group, said his properties were more than 80% full as of April 27. More last-minute bookings were expected for the April 28-May 1 weekend.

He said about half of the bookings are from Thais and that hotels near the beach were full. Most bookings are for two nights or fewer.

Thanet said Pattaya’s hotel market is very diversified, with resorts for all demographic groups, from families to solo travelers.

Now that it’s low season, the Sunshine Group’s main target is Thai tourists, Thanet said. Among foreign tourists, Sunshine is targeting Asians and Indians who don’t have as far to travel to get to Thailand.

He said the main problem in getting foreign bookings now is the short supply of flights and high airfares.