Disabled lottery seller’s journey of resilience on Highway 331

Phaisan Sakhin, aka ‘Keng,’ defies the odds on his daily route along Highway 331, gripping his new umbrella, symbolizing unwavering determination amidst life-altering challenges.

PATTAYA, Thailand – In the relentless heat of Highway 331, a vital route from Sattahip to Korat, a remarkable story unfolds at kilometre 22 in the Huay Yai area, east of Pattaya. Phaisan Sakhin, fondly known as “Keng,” defies the odds and makes a living selling government lottery tickets, turning a challenging life into an inspiring journey.

Originally from Chiang Mai, Phaisan’s life took a drastic turn in 2017 due to a severe car accident that resulted in a ruptured blood vessel, brain surgery, and a year of physical rehabilitation. Despite the setback and being classified as a type 3 disabled person due to weakened leg muscles, Phaisan, now 44, found purpose as a lottery seller in Sattahip and Banglamung districts, covering over 30 kilometres daily.

Undeterred, Phaisan shared his story with journalists, who, moved by his determination, supported him by purchasing two lottery tickets of his choice. In an interview, Phaisan expressed his dream of owning a lottery stall, a dream that faced setbacks in the past. Despite previous challenges, he persevered, earning commissions that provided him with a livelihood.

His daily routine involves being picked up along with six disabled colleagues, dispersed along various routes to sell lottery tickets. Despite steep roads and unforgiving weather, Phaisan remains resilient and committed to his work.

Phaisan Sakhin takes a lunch break, savouring a boxed meal provided by compassionate journalists, as he continues his 30-kilometer journey to sell lottery tickets, fuelled by determination to realize his dream of owning a lottery stand.

Journalists not only highlighted Phaisan’s story but also offered practical support, driving him to the meeting point, providing boxed meals, water, and an umbrella for protection against the scorching sun.

Phaisan’s journey stands as a testament to resilience and determination, offering inspiration for those facing life’s difficulties. His unwavering spirit, combined with the support of his employer and disabled friends, paints a picture of hope and perseverance along Highway 331 near Pattaya.