Couple faces eviction from makeshift home beneath highway bridge

Officials conduct an inspection of the makeshift shelter beneath the Ban Bueng-Map Ta Phut flyover in Huay Yai subdistrict, where Saiyut Sithlert and his wife are residing, amidst calls for their immediate evacuation.

PATTAYA, Thailand – During a routine inspection conducted on March 19, officials from the rural highway department and the Huay Yai municipality were surprised to find a makeshift shelter beneath the Ban Bueng-Map Ta Phut flyover in Huay Yai subdistrict. What began as a routine check soon spiralled into a battle between Saiyut Sithlert, 57, and his wife with local authorities, who insisted on the immediate evacuation of their makeshift dwelling under the bridge.

Upon further inquiry, the couple disclosed the roots of their unorthodox living arrangements, attributing it to familial strife. Conflicts with their daughter and her spouse had left them with no alternative refuge. Saiyut expressed regret that their daughter’s modest accommodation across the road could not accommodate them, forcing them to seek shelter beneath the bridge. Despite his assurances that their stay was temporary, authorities remained steadfast in their decision, leaving the family in a state of despair.

The urgency to vacate stemmed from an impending inspection by the Department of Rural Roads, which cast a shadow of uncertainty over Saiyut and his wife’s temporary abode. Their humble shelter, furnished with basic necessities and household appliances, stood on the verge of eviction.

Amidst the turmoil, a ray of hope emerged as officials and local leaders extended the family’s stay until the end of March, offering a brief reprieve from imminent eviction. Grateful for this gesture of compassion, Saiyut reaffirmed their commitment to vacate as agreed, acknowledging the complexities of their situation.