Cable thief escapes as pursuing security guard falls into drainage ditch

Withayatorn Sodawichit waits patiently to be rescued from the drainage ditch into which he fell while chasing a cable thief in the dark.

A security guard at the Eastern National Indoor Sports Stadium on Soi Chaiyapruek 2 was slightly injured after he fell into a drainage ditch while running after a cable thief.

The incident occurred on May 31, while four security guards were making their routine inspections around the sports complex. They had been especially instructed by the Pattaya Electricity Authority to look out for cable thieves who had frequently cut their power lines.

The security guards spotted a man dressed in black who they suspected to be a member of the criminal gang. Withayatorn Sodawichit, one of the guards, pointed his flashlight at the thief and ordered him to stop. But the criminal wasn’t having any of it and sped off into the darkness.

Withayatorn gave chase into the tall grass in almost total darkness. Not being able to see where he was going, the guard stumbled and fell into a deep open drainage ditch where he waited patiently for his friends to rescue him. His friends found him a little dazed but fortunately without any serious injuries.

Meanwhile, the other guards ran in hot pursuit of the thief, but the criminal had already disappeared into the night, to hide for a while and plan his next evil caper.

After recovering from his fall, Withayatorn gives the V sign as if to say, “I’m OK” or is he sending a message to the rascal that got away.