1 killed after toppling container crushes car on Pattaya highway

The 22 wheel truck crashed into a barrier, toppling the container onto a Honda Civic killing a woman and injuring 3 others.

A tragic accident occurred on a rain-soaked motorway outside Pattaya, involving a massive 22-wheel container truck that overturned and crushed a Honda Civic sedan at around 4:50 a.m. on May 27 killing a female nurse. A Toyota Vios was also struck by the toppling truck.

This horrifying event took place on the Bangkok-Pattaya-Mabtapud Expressway at kilometer 73+500, on the inbound lane towards Bangkok, near the Nongree 2 Rest Area in Nongree Subdistrict, Mueang District.

Miss Santhiya Bua-ngam, a skilled 34-year-old nurse from Si Sa Ket province, was crushed to death in the Honda Civic sedan. Rescue workers used the Jaws of Life to free her and three other injured passengers trapped in the car and transported them to a hospital in Chonburi.

The truck driver who did not run away from the scene, told police that the accident occurred due to the slippery road conditions caused by rain. He said that while attempting to avoid a car, the truck collided with a barrier, causing the container truck to overturn and crash into the oncoming vehicle causing the container to come crushing down on the Honda Civic flattening it to the ground.

Rescue workers use “Jaws of Life” to extract the body of the dead person and free the other passengers trapped in the flattened car.