Benevolent mayor pays rent, education of poor family

Angsila Mayor Winai Ponpaipan and municipality officials present food and amneties to Pimonphan Siriphan and her daughter Apicha promising to pay their rent and the girl’s education fees.

A Chonburi subdistrict municipality mayor paid the overdue rent and granted a scholarship to a blind mother and her teen daughter.
Angsila Mayor Winai Ponpaipan and municipality officials visited Kheha 2 Village in Samet subdistrict Sept. 29 where they met Pimonphan Siriphan, 49,  and her daughter Apicha a seventh-grade student of Angsila Pittayakom School.

The local leaders turned up at the house after being called by Apicha’s teacher, who was concerned that the girl had no money for food.
Pimonphan explained that she had lost her vision five years ago and has been unable to work. The two have survived on her father’s military pension, an 800-baht monthly disability payment from Angsila Subdistrict and charity.
But the family has fallen on harder times recently and their rent is two months past due.

Winai arranged for the 5,600 baht in back rent to be paid and for Apicha’s education to be paid through Grade 12. He also gave the family a bag of food and supplies.
Finally, the mayor arranged for Pimonphan to sell lottery tickets so she can earn an income.
Anyone wishing to offer assistance to the family can call the Angsila Social Welfare office as 085-393-8363.