Pattaya School No. 7 to get urgent repairs

Deputy Mayor Thitiphan Phettrakul inspects the school canteen to check on the quality of food served to the students.

City officials toured Pattaya School No. 7 with an eye toward repairs and renovation. Deputy Mayor Thitiphan Phettrakul and education chief Jidapa Suwattaphon joined city council members on the Sept. 29 tour led by Vice Principal Janya Kaijan.

Janya showed how classrooms and other facilities have become run down, especially student restrooms. Thitiphan called the classroom repairs urgent said the data collected will be presented to the Pattaya City Council for a budget allocation. The officials also checked the quality of the lunches being served.

Toilet facilities in most of the schools in Pattaya are usually in appalling conditions needing urgent repairs.