Banglamung residents decry neglected bus stop as eyesore

The neglected bus stop, adorned with a faded ‘Rong Po’ sign and Banglamung Municipality logo, reflects years of neglect, evident in its deteriorating roof and broken seats. Overgrown vegetation exacerbates safety concerns, especially in low-light conditions.

PATTAYA, Thailand – An abandoned bus stop near the Rong Po intersection bridge along the Sukhumvit roadside, has raised concerns among residents. Despite being constructed years ago, the once-functional facility now sits in disrepair, neglected by authorities.

The dilapidated structure, marked with a faded “Rong Po” sign and the Banglamung Municipality logo, showcases years of neglect with its damaged roof and broken seats. Surrounding overgrowth compounds safety hazards, particularly at night due to inadequate lighting.

Residents and students, forced to bypass the derelict stop, urge authorities to act. Even before its decline, the bus stop saw minimal use, hinting at a poorly chosen location. Commuters prefer the nearby pedestrian bridge for safety. Additionally, the neglected area behind the stop is unsightly and obstructive to landowners seeking to sell their property, despite its central location. Residents have called for immediate action, proposing either the refurbishment or relocation of the stop for safety and aesthetic reasons.