As Covid-19 cases drop, Pattaya City Hospital gets back to normal

With the reduction of Covid-19 cases in Pattaya and Banglamung, the Pattaya City Hospital is slowly getting back to it’s normal routine of treating patients with various ailments.

With new Pattaya-area Covid-19 cases now under 50 a day, Pattaya City Hospital is getting back to normal business.

Chonburi on Wednesday reported only 237 new coronavirus cases, 38 of those in Banglamung District, which includes Pattaya. It was the second consecutive day under 50 for the district.

Deputy Mayor Manote Nonyai said Oct. 26 that 110-bed Pattaya Hospital had devoted half its space to Covid-19 cases with teams of doctors and nurses diverted to providing vaccinations around the city. As a result, the hospital suspended and postponed non-critical procedures and services.

But now, with 80 percent of the population vaccinated and new cases dropping to a few dozen a day, the hospital has resumed normal operations.

The hospital plans to hold a meeting to adjust services and schedules as it, along with Pattaya, learns to “live with Covid-19”, Manote said.

Manote Nonyai, Pattaya Deputy Mayor said that during the height of the pandemic, half of the 110 hospital beds were occupied by Covid-19 patients.

Medical staff were kept very busy during the past few months as tens of thousands of people were vaccinated at the hospital.