Abandoned ferry poses hazard to maritime traffic at Bali Hai Pier

A local boat operator points to the abandoned large two-deck passenger boat in a state of disrepair, partially submerged in the sea at Bali Hai Pier.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Residents lodged a complaint with city officials on November 14, regarding a dilapidated ferry boat that was left abandoned at Bali Hai Pier in South Pattaya for the past three months, creating inconvenience for boat operators and disrupting maritime traffic routes.

The vessel in question, a large two-deck passenger boat, was discovered in a state of disrepair, partially submerged in the sea. Tethered to a pedestrian walkway railing, it is surrounded by seaweed and shell-covered debris, not only causing an eyesore but emitting unpleasant odors.

A local speedboat captain revealed that the vessel, once a tourist ferry with a capacity for 150 passengers, used to shuttle tourists to Koh Larn Island. When not in use, the customary practice was to dock at the island. However, for reasons unknown, the boat was dragged to its current location over three months ago and left unattended. This negligence has resulted in blocked traffic and posed risks to other vessels, occasionally leading to collisions and damages.

In addition to the hindrance to maritime traffic, the stagnant vessel has contributed to foul smells, particularly during low tide and warm weather. The decaying marine life surrounding the boat only adds to the unpleasant atmosphere. Local authorities are urging the boat owner or relevant agencies to promptly inspect and relocate the vessel for the safety and convenience of other boat operators.

Once shuttling tourists to Koh Larn Island, the ferry boat is now an eyesore. The neglected vessel emits unpleasant odors and raises environmental concerns, blocking maritime traffic and posing risks to other vessels.