7-month-old calf rescued from drowning in Chonburi lake

Tia, the 7-month old calf was pulled onto a boat, but it struggled and jumped back into the water again.

Volunteers spent six hours recusing a calf that fell into a Chonburi lake.
Volunteers from the Payak Burapha Chonburi Foundation came to the aid of “Tia”, a 7-month-old cow, at the deep, 15,000-square-meter lake in Marb Pai Subdistrict of Ban Bung District Sept. 24.

Owner Dang Kongklangdong, 59, said her husband was herding cattle and the small cow got bumped off the shore and into the drink around 4 p.m. The calf’s leg was injured and, scared, the cow swam further out into the water.

Payak Burapha volunteer Boonlom Montrihan, 47, said the rescue effort was long, arduous and frustrating. At first the calf hit the boat as rescuers neared. The cattle rustlers then tried to push the calf toward a levee, but as they put a belt around the calf’s body, it fought back and jumped off the boat again.

They continued to try and lasso Tia and it wasn’t until after midnight they succeeded. But, by that time, the calf was exhausted, and so they tied her up to a rock until morning when they transported the calf to shore.

After a long, arduous and frustrating effort the baby cow was finally secured onto the boat and brought to shore.

Rescuers drag Tia onto the shore where they tied her up to a rock to rest until morning.