6 students bitten as vicious dog terrorizes Sriracha school

Students point to the blood-stained floor after the stary dog viciously attacked six other students.

Six more Sriracha students were bitten by a stray dog known by the local government to have a history of attacking people.

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Paramedics responded to the Nakhon Jao Phaya Surasak Municipality Oct. 6 after the youths went there for bites to their faces, arms and legs by a dog that hangs around their school. The wounds were so serious the six were transferred to Queen Savang Vadhana Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Officers used a tranquilizer gun to sedate ‘Jao Long’ after he went on a rampage attacking school children.

The dog, known as “Long,” is a repeat offender left on the streets by Surasak Subdistrict, residents complained. The dog had already bitten as many as six other students and adults.

After a previous attack, Long was taken to a municipal shelter where it was sterilized, given a rabies vaccination and held for observation for ten days. Then, despite its temperament, the animal was let go again.

The school where the bitten students live imposed a new policy prohibiting students from leaving campus alone, requiring parents or guardians to pick them up until the dog is taken from the area.

The vicious dog was taken to Jao Phaya Surasak Municipality to be quarantined for ten days. As before, will he be let out on the street again to attack more kids?