5-year-old survives fall from fifth-floor balcony in east Pattaya

5-year-old girl en route to the hospital in an ambulance after surviving the fall. Inset reveals the protective awning on the fourth floor that played a crucial role in saving her life.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A 5-year-old girl miraculously survived a fall from a commercial building in Nongprue subdistrict, east Pattaya, just before midnight on November 17. Residents reported that the young girl fell from a fifth-floor balcony, landing on the protective roof canopy on the fourth floor, approximately 3 meters below. The child was discovered in a state of shock, with injuries on her abdomen and along her body caused by the impact.

Supakrit Singkha, a 47-year-old resident who witnessed the incident, said that he heard a loud crash of something falling on the roof and together with other residents rushed to the scene, where they found the young girl precariously perched on the roof canopy.  They ensured that she was secure and alerted emergency services.

Upon inquiry, it was discovered that the child’s mother was at work, leaving her alone in the room. The unlocked door and the child’s curiosity about the surroundings led to the unfortunate accident.