2-year-old girl locked in dog cage sparks outrage

A disturbing photo captures the 2-year-old child confined in a dog cage by her 17-year-old mother, sparking outrage and prompting swift action from authorities in Sattahip.

SATTAHIP, Thailand – A disturbing incident unfolded on February 19 as a 17-year-old mother was captured on a 1.30-minute CCTV footage physically assaulting her 2-year-old daughter, and confined her in a dog cage within a residence in Plutaluang Sub-district, Sattahip. The distressing footage sparked outrage on social media platforms, prompting immediate action from local authorities.

In response to the video, Plutaluang police officers, accompanied by village headman Chanchai Nijasin and other officials, swiftly launched an investigation at the scene. Chanchai revealed that the 17-year-old mother admitted to disciplining her child by confining her in the dog cage. However, she claimed her actions were intended to discipline the child for mischievous behaviour and to gain the attention of the baby’s father, rather than to cause harm.

Further investigation unveiled that the child often played with the family dog and occasionally entered the dog cage voluntarily. The mother described her child as stubborn, justifying her disciplinary measures. Notably, authorities found no visible signs of physical injury on the child during examination.

The stepmother of the 17-year-old woman disclosed that the child’s father had prior legal issues related to underage matters with the baby’s mother, leading to their separation. She added that the young mother admitted to disciplining the child due to perceived disorderly conduct. Subsequently, the father shared the CCTV footage on social media to initiate legal action against the young mother.

Pol. Col. Khomsan Kamtunkaew, Superintendent of Plutaluang Police Station, revealed that the child has been placed under the care of the Child and Family Shelter in Chonburi for psychological evaluation. The young mother, alongside her stepmother and biological father, will undergo professional assessment and further questioning regarding the incident to ensure appropriate action is taken.