2 shot, 1 arrested after pub fight spills into Pattaya street

Following the argument, Tontrakan was shot in the hand and also suffered a slash to the head while his friend got stabbed in his thigh.

One man was arrested and other remains at large for allegedly shooting two “friends” following an argument that began at a Pattaya pub.

Wirat Keichid, 25, surrendered to police around 11 a.m. Dec. 1, about eight hours after allegedly shooting Tontrakan Phasuk, 22, in the hand and Disorn Tokan, 24, in the thigh during the showdown on Soi 16 behind Pattaya School No. 8.

Tontrakan also suffered a slash to the head from a 30-centimeter knife recovered at the scene.
Wirat was easy enough to identify as he’d left his registered motorbike at the scene for police to find.

Tontrakan said they had gotten into a dispute with Wirat at a Third Road pub. They thought it was over when the pub closed, but he said Wirat messaged him to meet behind the school to settle things once and for all.

Pattaya police chief Pol. Col. Kullachart Kullachai interrogates Wirat after his arrest together with the 32-caliber pistol he used to shoot Tontrakan.

Tontrakan brought one friend as backup. Wirat showed up with three others. Together they put a beating on the two victims, with the at-large suspect wielding a knife.
The two injured men were placed under police protection until Wirat turned himself in.

Wirat’s version of events differed a bit, saying that Tontrakan and Disorn were “dear friends” who just happened to get into a disagreement, over what wasn’t specified. He claimed his tablemates at the pub were the aggressors and he tried to make peace, but failed.

One of his buddies called the meeting behind the school. When knives came out, he tried to calm things down by firing his 32-caliber pistol into the air several times. But he said Tontrakan came after him, so he fired into the ground. The two men were injured on ricochets.

Police recovered the pistol and Wirat faces a raft of illegal weapons charges.


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