2 king cobras not better than 1 for Thai homeowner

Eye to eye, who will strike first? The daring rescue worker matches his wits and nerves with that of the king cobra.

The only thing worse than coming home to find a king cobra in your house is finding two.

Kumlai Sena, 37, returned to his Chanthaburi home March 22 to discover the giant poisonous snakes in his storage room.

Chanthaburi snake rustlers cleaned out the storage room and, once it was empty, one four-meter-long snake tried to escape behind an air-conditioning compressor. Unable to use normal equipment in such a tight space, snake-catcher Nattapol Suangam used a hook and then pulled the reptile out with his bare hands, while keeping a wary eye out for the other cobra.

“Don’t mess with me” the deadly reptile seems to be saying to the snake catchers.

The snake flared its head to strike back, but the snake catchers were one step ahead. They had laid down a plastic box, hoping the reptile would try to hide in it, which it did. On went the cover and the hunt began for snake number two.

It tried the same tactic: hiding in the compressor with the same results – hook, hands and box.

A snake catcher holds his breath as the cobra is just about to strike at his colleague.